Access Control Systems for Apartment Buildings Keep your Tenants Safe

When you’re managing an apartment complex with dozens or even hundreds of residents, creating a safe, welcoming environment can be a challenge when you’re trying to balance it with thorough security measures.

Campus Security Should be the Priority

Summer is here, and many students at local primary and secondary schools as well as universities are heading home for break or traveling abroad in international study programs.

Church Security will Keep Your House of Worship Safe

Churches provide a communal center where members of a neighborhood or community can gather to provide support during tough times, celebrate the growth of families and perform charitable works.

Promoting a Positive Office Culture while Maintaining Access Control

Companies like Google and Facebook are famous for implementing more open office environments in which employees are given a great deal of freedom to roam about the premises.

Don’t Jeopardize Your Employees’ Safety – Have an Access Control System Installed

Make sure that the doorman asks for a form of identification and tell them to report any suspicious activity to you. 

Don’t Jeopardize Your Employees’ Safety

Revving up security in the office also involves implementing certain forms of technology, such as access control systems.

Setting of Hit Movie Being Filmed in Atlanta Plagued by Burglars

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that the crooks gained access to the warehouse through the garage door.