Wireless Security System Alarm Monitoring

No home phone line or landline? No problem.

Alarm Systems Atlanta

A wireless alarm is one of the best security systems you could choose. Wireless systems are a great option for several reasons.

First of all, they use radio frequency technology as a way to communicate between the sensors and the system’s control panel, which connects to the central monitoring station through a cellular network. This makes them more secure because there are no outside cables or wires that can be damaged or cut.

Stay Connected With Remote Access

Real time updates to smartphones and other devices also make wireless systems a favorite for homeowners, especially those with children. In addition, wireless security systems are easy to use and allow you to move sensors around your home as needed.

This feature also gives you the option to expand your system and even integrate other devices for a truly connected home.

Add wireless cellular communication to your alarm for wireless alarm monitoring for only $15.00 per month. Or, buy the cellular communicator for $155 (plus tax) and cell usage can be added to the monitoring fee for only a $10 per month.

Want to cancel your landline? Or want added protection in case of a phone line cut or failure?

A house or building can have all electricity, internet, phone, etc. cut off, and the system will still communicate for as long as the back-up battery lasts.

Wireless Security System Experts

Let American Alarm install a wireless cellular communicator to your alarm system. Cellular communication is the most foolproof means of alarm transmission. With a cellular system, you’ll never be left stranded.

In addition to the added security and cost savings of being able to cancel your landline, a cellular communicator will allow you to use all the interactive features that our system can offer. For example, you can receive a text or email notification when any alarm takes place.

When the alarm is armed or disarmed, you will receive a text or email. You can also opt to receive these notifications when the alarm is tripped.

Even when a particular door is opened while the system is not armed, you can receive a text or email. You can also arm or disarm the alarm with your smartphone, tablet, or computer remotely from anywhere you have internet access.

A cellular communicator module can be added to your existing alarm CPU. We service all major alarm manufacturers and have the experience to know which cell communicators work best with which manufacturers’ panels.