For a limited time you can receive a free IP camera with activation of a new monitoring account.  Call now for details.

We’re one of the best Atlanta home security companies around and we understand the importance of making sure that your home is safe. We also know that no family should ever have to spend a ton of money to keep away unwanted intruders. That is why, we offer free alarm activation throughout the Atlanta area and land line monitoring for as little as $18.95 per month as well as wireless monitoring for as low as $28.95 per month.  Fire alarm monitoring activations are also the most competitively priced in the industry. 

Alarm Reactivation & Monitoring

When you have a security company install a residential burglar alarm or any type of security system, you should always expect the highest level of service and best technology. Unfortunately, some companies in the area are likely to overpromise and underdeliver. Whether installing a large commercial fire alarm system, IP camera system, commercial security system, residential security system, or an access control system, you can expect an honest evaluation, competitive price without any hidden elements, and a professional installation from American Alarm.  You can also expect American Alarm Corporation, Inc to provide the most responsive and reliable service and monitoring from the installation throughout the future.  You will never be “upsold” by the technicians when they come out to install the security system.  Our monitoring delivers the quickest alarm response time in the security industry.