American Alarm was created by the current owner, Scott Gilkey, in 1995. We started out with no accounts and had a hundred or so after the first year.


Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Through the years, with minimal advertising and mostly through word of mouth, American Alarm has grown to where we are now. Today we service and monitor several thousand security system accounts. For over two decades, we have consistently been an A+ rated member of the BBB.

At American Alarm, we have always had the philosophy that if we treat our customers exceptionally well and make sure that they are happy with your service, we will receive referrals.

Happy customers tell their relatives and friends, so getting new accounts will never be a problem. So far, that has worked well for us.

Unlike most of the national security system companies, we feel it is better to keep existing, loyal customers satisfied. Many of our competitors take the mass marketing approach and sign up a bunch of new accounts while losing existing customers.

We feel that you gain nothing by signing up a new customer if you lose an existing customer in the process. Focusing on new customers at the expense of losing current customers is not a winning formula.

If you want to partner with a company that values your business and will work to keep you satisfied, choose American Alarm Corporation, Inc.