Fire Alarm Systems

American Alarm will design a fire alarm system for your business that is compliant with all the proper codes. We are also able to provide the NFPA Certificate required by most jurisdictions these days.

We will take care of all of the submittals, drawings, and battery calculations. American Alarm will also meet with the local fire marshal and any other AHJ (authorities having jurisdiction) to get the plans approved.

Once the fire alarm plans are approved and stamped, American Alarm will install the fire alarm system. We will ensure that it is in agreement with the plans, NFPA 72 fire alarm code, and NEC electrical code.

After the installation, we will meet the fire marshal for the final inspection to allow your company to get the CO (certificate of occupancy). We’ll also send a certificate of completion to your insurance company if needed.

When installation is complete and all authorities satisfied, American Alarm will monitor and provide the highest level of service to keep the fire alarm in proper working order.

We have trained and competent technicians on-call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. American Alarm is always ready to spring into action when there is a problem with your fire alarm system.