Why Businesses Need Atlanta Access Control Systems

access_control02When it comes to keeping your business and your employee’s safe, a reliable and trustworthy security system should be the first thing to enters your mind. While a standard alarm system is effective as an all-round solution, savvy business owners in Atlanta are looking to an access control systems from American Alarm for a higher level of security as well as employee management, data management, Intellectual property protection, and employee productivity.

What is an Access Control Systems?

Access control systems are physical systems using locking mechanisms on doors and turnstiles which are designed to control who is able to access the building or certain areas of a building. The easiest example of physical access control systems would be a door with a magnetic lock limiting people to enter that particular room or building unless he or she has a card or fob that allows her entrance. Access control systems can be as little as one door or as many as hundreds or even thousands of doors.

The main purpose of Atlanta access control systems is to prevent unauthorized access. The card or fob proximity system is the most popular. The card or fob is held up to the reader and if authorized the readers relays the signal to the controller to release the maglock or door strike momentarily to open the door. Facilities that require higher security, such as laboratories may also integrate a card control system in which the magnetic cards do double duty as identification for personnel. For even higher levels of security, some government, medical, research and development, and other building may use biometrics to govern entry from an employee or person.

Other Options for Atlanta Access Control Systems

Depending on the various levels of security that may be needed, and the size of the organization, we are able to either standardize or customize the access control system. An example would be individual access points that are separately controlled programming certain individuals access to some rooms but not to others. The program can also be grouped by departments so, for example, the accounting department employees can get in the accounting area but not in the research and development area. By simply programming an individual’s card or by grouping their card with an already defined group we can control user’s access privileges. The same grouping and programming can be done with scheduling so a group can enter from six am to six pm but their cards will not release the locking mechanism outside of those or whatever hours are programmed in. The system is designed so that updates are done instantly. This is more convenient than having to revoke or grant privileges by giving out or taking away individual cards.

American Alarm offers a variety of customizable solutions for Atlanta access control systems. Whether you are looking for a simple front door lock system, or a more complicated multi-level access system, we have just what you are looking for. Support and technical assistance is always available 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. The satisfaction of the customers we serve is our top priority. It is our aim to provide solutions for clients which they can have confidence will work.

Customers who would like to learn more about the way that these systems work, or how they will benefit your business, can either call or visit us on the web at americanalarm.net. Our security specialists will gladly answer any questions that you may have. What are you waiting for?  Call (770)645-0061 or email general@americanalarm.net for more information and pricing.