Keep the Information on Your Computers Safe by Following the Advice Below

If you are the owner of an Atlanta business, you know how important it is to make sure that your building is secure. However, that doesn’t just mean locking the doors. Over the years, hackers have become much more sophisticated, and with just a few simple tools, they can now see all the data that you have stored on your computer.

To ensure that those who are not authorized members of your business are kept away, you may want to consider following the computer advice below from The Wall Street Journal:

1) Alter default passwords
Don’t assume that you don’t need to change the default password of the machine or software you just bought. With a few simple clicks, hackers can gain access to important information leaving you and your employees vulnerable.

2) Update your computer operating systems
Many people often forgo this tip, but doing so is never a good idea. Unscrupulous computer programmers are always on the hunt for systems that haven’t been updated because that typically means the security applications aren’t as strong. One way to remind yourself to never skip this step is to sign up for automatic updates.

3) Restrict access to sensitive information
There are programs available that can track outbound messages between users to guarantee that confidential information is not leaked to people who aren’t supposed to see it and it is certainly worth purchasing. You also may want to think about buying software that requires more than just a password and username.

Although this is certainly good advice, you also should contemplate keeping your building safe by hiring a company like American Alarm to install access control systems. These systems use an electronic lock to keep a door locked until an authorized person taps his or her card against the reader. Don’t take a chance with your company’s security. Contact a representative today by calling (770) 645-0061 or logging onto