A Residential Burglar Alarm, Deadbolts and Watchful Eyes can Keep Burglars Away

Residential burglaries can be devastating for a family. Along with valuables that may have been taken, their peace of mind is often gone. Unfortunately, robberies throughout the United States are more common than people would like to think. The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that every 14 seconds, a home is broken into, and surprisingly enough, approximately 60 percent of these invasions occur when a family is present.

Keeping your residence secure can often mean the difference between life and death. Although it may sound dramatic to some, a properly installed alarm monitoring system can protect your loved ones from intruders. In fact, the probability of a break in at a house without a residential burglar alarm is around 15 percent. That figure is reduced to 6.5 percent when a home does have a security system.

It’s also smart to have deadbolts on your doors. Robbers are more crafty than ever. It has become easy for them to enter a home by taking off locks, which can often be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Sturdier locks, such as deadbolts, are much more effective in keeping your residence from being burglarized. There are two types to choose from: single-cylinder deadbolt and double-cylinder deadbolt. The former uses a key from the outside and a thumbturn from the inside. The latter works with keys from both sides.

Finally, don’t underestimate the usefulness of your neighbors. Ask those who are around when you’re out or traveling to keep a watchful eye on your property. Request that they call local police if they witness any suspicious activity.