Top Tips for Going Wireless for your Home Security System

No phone line?? No problem.

Here are the basics on monitoring alarm system without a phone line or land line. More and more people are forgoing a land line in their home and using only cellular phones. This can cause a little bit of a dilima for the home security system monitoring of the alarm system as most alarm systems still require a phone line to communicate any alarm to the central station. So, what options are there and what are people doing. The number 1 choice is to have a cellular communicator installed and have the alarm communicate through that. This not only allows the homeowner to cancel the phone line and save money is also offers some additional benifits. One benifit is that a cellular communicator is more secure than a standard phone line communicator. With a cellular unit, a potential intruder could cut the phone line, cable line, and even the power so the house is just a wooden structure with no link to the outside world what so ever and the alarm will still be able to call out as long as the back-up battery lasts. Other features are the ability to text or email the alarm commands and check status via internet or texting. Many people have started using these feature and really appreciate them. How many times have you left your house and couldn’t remember if you armed the alarm or did arm the alarm then remembered the maid or neighbor was coming by so you needed to disarm is. With the new cellular units you can disarm the alarm from you cell phone then arm it after they leave. You can also get texts when the alarm is disarmed so you will be notified when the kids get home from school. More and more people are getting the cell communicator because they cancelled their phone line but are loving it because of the added benifits. Call American Alarm for pricing information on a celluar communicator for your system. (770)645-0061

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