Keeping Your House from Being Burglarized Means More Than Making Sure Doors are Locked

Knowing that your property and your family has been the victim of a break-in is extremely upsetting. Not only may the burglar have taken valuables from your house, but more importantly your loved one’s security may have been compromised. Unfortunately, you can’t turn back the clock, but you can make sure that you take steps to prevent another robbery in the future.

In a past article, The Seattle Times recommended taking several easy steps to keep intruders away. The first was simple. Always remember to keep your doors locked, even when inside your home. Keep in mind that burglaries can occur at any time of the day even when you are inside your residence. Don’t make it easier for a robber to gain access to your house.

Next, make sure you have shades or curtains covering your windows. Although you may favor sheer drapes or window treatments, these decorations can give an intruder a simple way to look at all the valuables you have in your home.

Finally, think about having a purchasing a system that turns on your outside lights automatically at night. Burglars are going to look for homes that are dark because this makes it less likely anyone will see them.

Although this advice is certainly useful, it does not mention or take into account the importance of having an alarm monitoring system in your home. Not only does this system keep watch over your house 24 hours a day seven days a week, it also enables you to receive help in minutes if your residential burglar alarm is activated.