Two Women and One Minor Arrested in Georgia Burglary Ring

Sources reported that 27-year-old Zenobia Griffin and 20-year-old Dacquiri Huff have been accused of burglary, criminal attempt to commit burglary, felony theft by taking and misdemeanor theft by taking. The charges against the 16-year-old have not been made public.

Ademco Systems Offer Intruder and Fire Protection Systems

The company also advises families use radio backup with their alarm so that emergency signals may still be sent to the Central Monitoring Station. This is particularly useful if the telephone lines are down.

Placement of Smoke Detectors in Your Home is Critical

Do not put a smoke or fire detector in your kitchen as doing so could set off activate it every time you cook, especially if you are not an experienced cook.

Following The Tips Below Could Mean the Difference Between Life and Death

Children are notorious for putting things in their mouth, and in order to prevent electrical shock, make sure that you cover sockets with covers, fix any damaged electrical cords and keep your kids away from electrical devices.

Keep the Information on Your Computers Safe by Following the Advice Below

Over the years, hackers have become much more sophisticated, and with just a few simple tools, they can now see all the data that you have stored on your computer.