Why Businesses Need Atlanta Access Control Systems

When it comes to keeping your business and your employees safe, a reliable and trustworthy security system should be the first thing that enters your mind. While a standard alarm system is effective as an all-round solution, savvy business owners in Atlanta are looking to access control systems from American Alarm. We provide a higher […]

Protect Your Business with Security Monitoring and Access Control

Effective security monitoring and access control systems are the most important assets for protecting your property and employees. A sound monitoring system will detect any problems before a criminal can do damage. Cellular connectivity is another benefit. Any issues can be identified at a central monitoring station and relayed to a personal device, so you’ll […]

Improve School Security System Through Additional Funding

In the last few years, public schools nationwide have had a difficult time securing funding for even the most basic provisions and services for students.

How to Delegate Security Responsibilities at an Educational Institution

For school administrations that are looking to overhaul their student and faculty security apparatus, one of the most important things to consider is the delegation of responsibilities among staff members.

Access Control Systems for Apartment Buildings Keep your Tenants Safe

When you’re managing an apartment complex with dozens or even hundreds of residents, creating a safe, welcoming environment can be a challenge when you’re trying to balance it with thorough security measures.

Protect Your Day Care with an Access Control System

Most people think of access control systems as a tool for protecting facilities with highly confidential information or valuables.

Campus Security Should be the Priority

Summer is here, and many students at local primary and secondary schools as well as universities are heading home for break or traveling abroad in international study programs.

Church Security will Keep Your House of Worship Safe

Churches provide a communal center where members of a neighborhood or community can gather to provide support during tough times, celebrate the growth of families and perform charitable works.