Improve School Security System Through Additional Funding

In the last few years, public schools nationwide have had a difficult time securing funding for even the most basic provisions on school security system and services for students. Because of the economic downturn, tax revenues have fallen precipitously and educational institutions have been forced to cut budgets, lay off teachers and invest less in improving infrastructure.

But such cuts can have a dramatic effect on school security, as the combination of aging facilities and a lack of supervision by staff can lead to safety compromises.

School administrators should know that there are many instruments through which an educational institution can procure funding to improve building security and student safety. The Electronic Security Administration recently released a set of guidelines for school protection that includes a list of some means by which education officials can attain this kind of support:

  • Bond initiatives: Depending on the political structure and lawmaking rules of your area, it may be possible to seek special funding through a bond initiative voted on by local residents.
  • Grants: Many state and federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, offer special grants to schools that demonstrate a need for heightened protection.
  • Sponsorships: Much in the same way that a football team will receive financial support from boosters, a school can solicit donations for funding or in-kind support from local businesses as well as parents.

Once you’ve secured funding for improving your institution’s security, we recommend consulting with an Atlanta alarm company to find out more about the access control system solutions available to you. Contact American Alarm at (770) 645-0061 for more information.