Access Control Systems Provide Safe Security Solution for Schools and Institutions

Recently there has been an increased focus on how schools can better protect children from intruders. One way to address the problem is to evaluate the access control systems that are currently in place, and decide whether they should be upgraded to a state-of-the-art, key card entry system that can assist in warding off unwelcome visitors while also maintaining a peaceful, quiet atmosphere where children can learn and play undisturbed.

Understandably, most schools do not want to create the impression that they are locking anyone in or out of their facilities, which is why key card entry systems and access control are well-suited for this kind of atmosphere. They are subtle in appearance but effective in letting the right people into a building and keeping the wrong people out.

Something for school security officials to consider is that when students are arriving in the morning, changing classes during the day, and leaving in the afternoon, faculty can supervise each entryway into school buildings, and during class rely on these systems to keep out anyone wanting to do harm. Access control systems can also be programmed to lock and unlock at specific times, and key cards can be granted various levels of access depending on what is necessary for each faculty member.

If you’re involved in maintaining security at an Atlanta educational facility, we recommend you consult with an Atlanta alarm company to find out what access control service options are available, and how they can assist in keeping your students and faculty safe. Call us at (770) 645-0061 for more information.