Secure Your Garage Against Theft and Burglary

For good reason, homeowners tend to prioritize their house when making decisions about how to fortify their property against home invasion and burglary. The principle reason anyone would invest in home security in Atlanta is to ensure the safety of their family, who are more likely to spend their time in the house rather than any adjoining buildings like a studio or garage.

But many residents store some of their most valuable possessions in those areas, particularly if you own a boat, an extra car or expensive power tools and maintenance equipment. These items are a favorite target of thieves, so it’s a good idea to review your existing garage security setup and figure out what can be improved.

Here are some of the things we suggest you look into:

  • If you have a remote garage door opener, don’t keep it in your car. A burglar can very easily break in and steal it, not only letting them into the garage but allowing them an easy method of taking large items like the aforementioned power tools or recreational vehicles.
  • If you have windows that allow people to easily look into the garage, have them frosted over, tinted or put up shades that prevent anyone from seeing what you have inside.
  • Install motion detectors, connected to your home security system, both on the outside and inside of the building, so that intruders are caught before they have the opportunity to break in.

One of the most effective tools that will help prevent home invasion is a well-maintained residential burglar alarm system installed by an Atlanta alarm company. Call us today at (770) 645-0061 to find out more.