Server Room Security Vital to the Well-being of Any Business

If you’re the owner of a growing business, you’ll most likely need to consider dedicating a room to server and computer equipment storage. This will become critical as your company’s IT infrastructure tries to keep pace with the growth of your staff, revenue and operations.

A server room is an extremely important area for any business, and as a result it needs to be properly secured to protect your data, prevent intrusion and avoid disasters such as fire or floods.

If you’ve just recently added such a space to your office, there are a few basic considerations you should keep in mind to keep the area safe.

  • Make sure you regulate entry into the server room with an access control system equipped with keycard entry. This will ensure that only those employees with permission can enter the room, and such a system will allow you to deactivate any keycards if you need to revoke access.
  • Install a surveillance system monitored by an Atlanta alarm company. This ensures that if someone breaks in after hours, authorities will still be able to respond to the situation and catch the intruders.
  • Server spaces require climate control, so consider having a separate air conditioning unit installed to ensure complete control of temperature and moisture.
  • Use rack mount servers instead of towers. A rack mount system will take up less space, and the racks can be bolted to the floors and walls to make them difficult to remove.

One of the best ways to server room security office and server space is to hire an Atlanta security monitoring company that specializes in access control systems for businesses. Call us today at (770) 645-0061 to find out more.