Don’t Jeopardize Your Employees’ Safety

As the owner of a business, you are probably well aware that one of your most important duties is keeping your employees safe. Knowing how to do that, however, means more than just telling personnel to lock the door of their office every time they leave at night. Revving up security also involves implementing certain forms of technology, such as access control systems. These are card readers that let authorize personnel in a building and keep unwanted visitors out.

You may also want to consider holding a safety seminar for all employees and discuss various topics which include:

1) Having people label personal belongings

This may sound like common sense to some but sometimes people don’t label belongings. They just assume that their colleagues are going to remember which items aren’t common property. To prevent accidental theft, encourage your employees to clearly label their own possessions.

2) Telling employees that your business is creating a buddy system

Have each employee find someone in the company to partner up with. Every time one person leaves, whether it is out to lunch or to meet a client, they should be required to tell their buddy.

3) The importance of keeping valuables locked up at all times

Let workers know that leaving their wallets on their desks is never recommended. Instead, consider supplying office workers with small safes that can be stored easily. Many of these are inexpensive and are well worth the cost.

4) Trusting your instincts

Advise your employees that if at any time they feel uneasy about someone who is in the office, they should be able to let you know immediately. Often, workers feel embarrassed and don’t want to stir up any trouble, but worrying in silence is a big mistake.