Evacuating is the First Step to Take During a Residential Fire

The fear you experience when a fire breaks out in your home, is something that you will never forget. House fires are not only responsible for billions of dollars in damage every year, but hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths as well. In the event that you notice while inside of your residence, there are a few things that you can do to keep yourself and your family members safe.

ProLiteracy, a nonprofit organization that receives funding from the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends:

1) Getting out immediately
Now is not the time to collect valuables as spending as doing so could jeopardize your life. Get to a safe place, such as a neighbor’s house and dial 911. Stay on the phone until firefighters arrive.

2) Avoiding going back inside
You may be tempted to run back into your home to see if everyone has gotten out safely, but you should avoid doing so at all costs. Let firefighters go back inside – they are trained to do this and part of their job entails trying to get everyone (including pets) out safely.

3) Giving the operator important information
In the event that a loved one or pet is stuck inside the house, make sure to give that information to the operator that you are communicating with.

Although this is certainly useful information that should be followed, if there is a blaze in your home, one of the best ways to get out safely is to make sure that your house is equipped with a working fire alarm monitoring system. If you would like to know more about fire alarm sales or fire alarm service, contact a reputable company like American Alarm today.