3 Reasons Purchasing a New Alarm System is a Great New Year’s Investment

Let’s face it, in all likelihood, the world will not end as some expect on December 21. In light of this almost certain truth, many homeowners, even those counting on the coming apocalypse, will need to begin considering investments that can provide for the long-term security of their family.

However, even if the end of the world wasn’t holding you back from making this purchase, you may have been concerned about the cost of installation. Still, there are a number of financial benefits to 3 Reasons Purchasing a New Alarm System is a Great New Year’s Investment – excluding the savings that keeping your valuables and cherished possessions innately provides.

If you’re looking for three great reasons to purchase a new alarm system this year, consider the following financial incentives:

1. Alarm systems can lower your insurance policy rates – Insurance rates vary greatly, and are most often less expensive for those who represent a lower risk. As such, homeowners’ insurance companies may reward individuals who purchase a piece of protective equipment that makes it less likely that they’ll need to file a claim.

2. Businesses can write off part of this expense – Since the IRS allows a number of tax deductions for home business owners, you may be able to claim the pro rata portion on your annual income taxes, though, according to Forbes, any portions of the system attributable to your home are not deductible.

3. Free incentives – With the purchase of a new alarm system, many companies will throw in a host of extra incentives. Whether it’s a free additional alarm siren or a new one-touch pad, these extras can increase your protection and enable you to have more peace of mind.