Atlanta Robbery Suspect Still on the Loose

Law enforcement officials are still searching for a man who has been dubbed the “Brick Bandit” after allegedly robbing several females in downtown Atlanta. Over the past several months, authorities have estimated that he is responsible for at least five robberies that have taken place on Chapel Street. According to sources like Fox Atlanta, video footage showed the man who was thought to be the “Brick Bandit” jumping on three unsuspecting women as they attempted to step into an elevator. In one instance, he scurried away after taking one of the victim’s purses.

However, this was not the first attack that took place. Back in March, a female named Allison Parker told news station WSB-TV that the robber came out from out of the shadows in her condominium complex’s garage with a brick in one hand. She said that he threw the brick, which didn’t hit her, but the suspect did make off with her purse and cell phone.

“When I got just inside the parking deck, I kind of sensed something and looked over my right shoulder and saw this guy with his arm cocked back coming toward me with a brick in his hand and his arm cocked back and I think he was probably two arm lengths away from me,” Parker said in a statement.

During the most recent robbery, police say that the “Brick Bandit” used a gun. However, the exact location of the incident as well as the victim’s name have not been made public.

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