The Right Window Decorations can Prevent Holiday Break-ins

According to estimates, first-floor windows are one of the most common entry points for thieves and burglars, accounting for roughly one out of every four break-ins in the country. The holiday season can further complicate matters, as you may be tempted to spread holiday cheer by displaying your beautiful holiday decorations in your window.

However, while leaving your windows unobstructed will allow neighbors to get in on the spirit, taking this approach could put your Atlanta-area home at risk for burglaries.

That’s why this holiday season, you may want to consider decorations that can obscure your valuables to potential thieves that may be lurking nearby. By choosing decorations that spread cheer but that do not offer a glimpse of your personal possessions, you can help keep your family safe.

We recommend these three great ideas below:

Hang vibrant linens – With vintage fashion all the rage, antique linens can be a great way to add a touch of color and warmth to your home. Choose darker colors and vibrant patterns to ensure thieves can’t see inside.

Hang lace table skirts – Since these decorations diffuse light, they help capture a winter theme while also contributing to your privacy. Select a white lace skirt and dress it up with festive ribbons, bows or snowflakes for a classic, and safe, design.

Hang a Christmas wreath – Nothing evokes the holidays quite like a Christmas wreath, and even better, these decorations can capture the attention of passersby without allowing thieves a glimpse into your home’s interior.

However, to truly protect your home, you may want to consider installing Atlanta home security systems that can deter thieves. At American Alarm, we’re experts at installing home security cameras that can help you keep your peace of mind this holiday season.