Consider Updating Your Home with a Security System for 2013

With the new year approaching quickly, many Atlanta-area homeowners are beginning to consider what changes they’ll look to make in their residence for 2013. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently published a list of 13 home improvements that they believe area homeowners may want to consider.

Of the suggestions the newspaper made, a number were redesign options that could increase the value and appeal of a home’s interior. For example, the article suggested that homeowners think about renovating their residence to include an open floor plan, though this was one of the more costly options, estimated at $35,000 to $100,000.

Kitchen renovations also made the list. For around $5,000 to $10,000, the Journal-Constitution indicated that homeowners could add hardwood floors, resurface cabinets and install granite countertops. Another kitchen improvement was adding an island instead of a formal dining room. This attractive addition was cited for the extra space it can provide and the overall ease of installation.

However, what was most surprising was that the article did not address home safety. At American Alarm, we know that personal protection is a top priority for many homeowners and a comparably cost-effective upgrade.

And for the price, the peace of mind provided by this home improvement is unparalleled. Since our residential security systems offer homeowners the ability to secure Web and mobile updates and 24/7 on demand support and troubleshooting, our products can even help protect your new and improved home.

For a free estimate or more information about how you can protect your family from theft, fires and home intrusion in the new year, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff today at 1-770-645-0061.