Keep your Employees Safe by Following These Four Simple Tips

Running a successful Atlanta business means more than just bringing in lots of revenue every year. It also means keeping your employees safe. For tips on how to ensure you and your workers stay out of harm’s way while on the job, consider following the tips below from the National Crime Prevention Council:

1) Don’t wait to make repairs
The minute that you notice that lights, windows or locks are broken, make sure to have them fixed immediately. Failure to do so gives burglars an easy method of breaking into the office.

2) Be prepared
Every office should have an emergency kit in case, for example, the power goes out. Supplies should include flashlights, water bottles, non perishable foods and first-aid materials. Store these items in a desk drawer that is easily accessible.

3) Come up with a plan
Emergencies can create a chaotic atmosphere. To help avoid this, work with your employees to establish an emergency plan. For example, identify all points of egress in the building, select workers to perform certain tasks and decide on a location where everyone will congregate during an urgent situation.

4) Store valuables
Important items like your keys, wallet and I.D. should never be left in visible places like your desk. Instead, keep them locked in a drawer or in a small, portable safe.

In addition to following the advice above, you may also want to consider asking a reputable Atlanta company to install a video security system. With remote monitoring capabilities, you can keep an eye on your company even when you aren’t in the business. To learn more or inquire about commercial camera systems, contact American Alarm.