A Well-Cleaned Chimney can Reduce the Likelihood of a Residential Fire

The temperature in Atlanta is quickly dropping as the winter season kicks into full swing and temperatures at night fall into the 30s. As a result, many families throughout the area will be putting their fireplace to good use. However, despite how cozy nestling near the fire may be it, it’s important to remember that if you fail to keep your chimney clean, it could quickly become a fire hazard.

Your fireplace should be cleaned annually because over the course of the year, grime can build up within the chimney. The more debris that is stuck, the less chance smoke has to escape, which means the likelihood of a fire starting is increased.

You should also remember that a rain cap is also important when it comes to the maintenance of your chimney. Not only will this prevent squirrels, raccoons and other small animals from getting trapped inside, it also keeps debris, from accumulating inside your fireplace. However, if you do have this type of protective covering, remember that cleaning it is also part of cleaning this part of your house. That means taking it off and getting rid of any soot that is covering it.

Another reason why a professional chimney cleaning is smart is because over repeated use, creosote, a tar-like substance known, can become stuck on the walls. Too much creosote can reduce airflow or even restrict it entirely and no one wants to live in a house that feels more like a barbeque smoker than a well-ventilated residence.

In addition to ensuring your fireplace is in tip-top shape, you should also make sure that your fire alarm system is in good working order. If you need yours serviced or want to know about fire alarm sales, then consider contacting a reputable and locally based company like American Alarm today.