Men and Women Who Work Alone may have Their Safety Compromised

These days, life in the workplace is evolving. Long gone are the days when Atlanta employees at a company spent the day together in the same office space. Corporate life in the modern world means that many workers are often spread out throughout a building, some work from home and many men and women are required to travel to see clients who don’t live in the area.

As such, it’s critical that employers understand that working alone or apart from other personnel may present potential dangers that need to be addressed to keep safe from unwanted intruders or attacks. The list below presents a breakdown of the men and women who may be at the greatest risk when working apart from other members of a business:

1) Men and women who handle money. This includes, personnel who are employed as convenience store clerks, taxi drivers and in retail clothing stores.

2) People, such as those who are in sales, social workers and law enforcement officials, who travel frequently to meet clients.

3) Adults who have an office that is apart from everyone else’s – like custodians or security guards.

Knowing that these are the types of employees who may be faced with potential dangers on a daily basis is only half of the battle in keeping them out of harm’s way. As a CEO or manager, you also may want to consider having a commercial camera system installed in the office of the person who works apart from everyone else. To learn more about Atlanta camera systems sales, contact a reputable and locally owned business like American Alarm today.