Three Suspects Charged with Murder of 76-year-old Atlanta Area Resident

Two adults and one teenager have been caught and arrested in conjunction with a shooting that left 76-year-old Athens, Georgia, man dead during a home invasion in November. According to various news sources, 16-year-old Anthony Fuller, 22-year-old Justin Baughns and 30-year-old Wayne Myers were formally charged with burglary and murder earlier this week.

On November 26, Edward Davidson, the elderly victim, was at home sleeping when the door to his home was kicked in. Upon leaving his room to see what was going on, he was shot by one of the unwanted intruders. His wife, who was upstairs in bed was on the phone with emergency dispatchers when she saw two black men running away.

During the investigation, law enforcement officials called upon the public to help capture the suspects. A $2,000 reward was offered to the person or people who could contribute relevant information on the three males who were thought to be involved. However, the details provided to police that led to the apprehension of Fuller, Baughns and Myers have not been disclosed.

”The positive outcome to this investigation was due to courageous citizens who provided information, as well as the diligence and hard work of members of the ACCPD and the GBI,” Athens-Clarke police wrote in a statement to the media.

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