Protecting Your Computer from Theft

As one of the top Atlanta alarm companies, we try to keep tabs on the habits of burglars and robbers, and in recent years, as mobile computing has become more common, there has been a corresponding uptick in the number of thefts of this kind of equipment.

Virtually every Atlanta resident now owns at least one computing device, whether it’s a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. One thing that all of these systems have in common, besides their usefulness, is that they can very easily be stolen. During a home invasion, after money and jewelry, electronics like these will be a likely target for burglars, so it’s imperative that Atlanta homeowners and businesses take some important steps to secure them.

  • Secure laptops using a cable system that is connected to your desk. This is a popular option for college students who live in dorms, but it would be equally as useful for a homeowner who doesn’t want to leave their laptop at home unsecured.
  • If you’re going on vacation, consider putting these objects, along with other valuables, in a fire-proof safe or locked in a secure closet that would be difficult for a burglar to access.
  • Computers often store personal and financial information that could be useful for criminals who commit identity theft. Always password protect your laptop so that only you can access the operating system.
  • If you are a business owner, research access control systems and how they can provide another layer of protection for all the valuable electronic equipment in your office during off hours.

You may also want to consider contacting an Atlanta security system monitoring service, which will signal first responders when someone attempts to break into your property. Call us at (770) 645-0061 for more information.