Man Shot and Killed During Attempted Robbery in Georgia

An attempted robbery in Georgia led to a man’s death on Tuesday, January 22. According to sources, the incident, which took place in the town of Hapeville, involved a 62-year-old man named Stewart Walton and his wife, Lydia. They were reportedly approached by two men on Dorsey Road at approximately 9:30 p.m.

When the Walton’s saw that the two males had guns, they tried to run. Stewart was shot and eventually succumbed to his injuries. Fortunately, his wife was able to get away without getting hurt. After the victim, who was a United States Army veteran, was hit, he ran from house to house along Dorsey Road in an effort to find help. The suspects took his wallet and other personal belongings and fled the scene in what police believe to be a white compact car.

Lydia ran into her home and shut and locked the door behind her.

When the Walton’s next door neighbor found out about what happened, she said that she felt a bit guilty. She also told reporters that the couple had only been living in their home for about one month.

“I feel bad that we weren’t here to help, and to see the trail of blood and him trying to actually get into the house, and cry for help and the blood is on my bricks and window. And we weren’t here. I feel bad,” the neighbor said in a statement.

Although police have some leads, they reportedly have not arrested any individuals yet.

This tragic incident illuminates the importance of making sure that your house is well equipped with a home security camera. Even though the Walton’s home was not broken into, camera systems can serve as a deterrent to unwanted intruders because they know that their image is going to be recorded.