Don’t Jeopardize Your Employees’ Safety – Have an Access Control System Installed

As an employer, one of the main duties that you have to your employees is ensuring that they stay safe. However, knowing exactly how to keep personnel out of harm’s way isn’t always easy, especially because you probably think that as a manager or supervisor, there is only so much you can do, right? If you answered yes to this question, you’ll be glad to know that making sure everyone in your office feels secure is easier than you think.

The tips below, which are provided by the University of West Florida Police Department will not only prevent employee-to-employee crime but prevent unwanted intruders from gaining access to your building as well:

1) Establish a proper property control program

No equipment, keys or other property belonging to your business should be loaned to anyone without proper authorization. All of these should be signed out and in the event an important items like keys are lost, make sure that the locks are replaced immediately.

2) Don’t leave items in obvious places

Quite often, personnel think that they are doing a good job of hiding things if they tape something small, like a key, under their desk or leave it under an office plant. This is simply not the case. If possible, provide everyone with lock boxes so they can store their valuables.

3) Require proper identification

One of the simplest ways that burglars gain access to a building is to tell the security guard that they are repairmen. Make sure that the doorman of your building asks for a form of identification. Tell them to report any suspicious activity.

In addition to following these tips, you may also want to call a reputable company near you and inquire about access control system. These systems utilize an electronic lock to secure doors until an authorized person holds his or hold card up to the reader so that only the people you want inside your building come in.