Do you Know How to Prevent Office Fires?

It is fairly safe to say that, regardless of where you work in Atlanta and what industry you are in, fire hazards are going to be present in your office. Sometimes, these potential dangers are obvious, such as a space heater that has accidentally been left on overnight, and some, like that frayed electrical cord, aren’t so apparent.

Yet, it’s important to note that it takes a team effort to reduce the likelihood of a fire in a business. As such, you may want to schedule a meeting with your supervisor and colleagues to let them know that taking the following steps will keep the office and everyone inside safe:

1) Do not plug too many cords into an electrical outlet. Overloading sockets one of the most common ways that electrical fires are started.

2) If an electrical item is broken, replace it. It’s going to be much more expensive to pay for building repairs if a blaze breaks out than purchasing a new copier that the office has been using for 30 years. The same goes for smaller appliances like computers and coffee makers, that can cause big problems for your office if you attempt to use the while they’re broken.

3) Keep appliances, regardless of their size, away from anything that can catch fire.

4) Call the gas company the minute you or anyone else suspects a leak. Gas can ignite and start a massive fire in a matter of seconds.

Finally, remember to make that there is a properly working commercial fire alarm system in the building. To learn more about the importance of these systems, consider contacting a locally based company like American Alarm. Their experienced representatives can speak with you about fire alarm sales and even have a technician come to your business to speak you about installation.