How to Delegate Security Responsibilities at an Educational Institution

For school administrations that are looking to overhaul their student and faculty security apparatus, one of the most important things to consider is the delegation of responsibilities among staff members. If employees do not have clear duties, it can lead to confusion and disorientation when actual security breaches occur.

But this may not be obvious to an institution that hasn’t critically analyzed its safety plans in quite some time. To help with this, the Electronic Security Association, a security industry organization, provides descriptions of the main jobs involved in maintaining a safe, crime free facility:

  • Safety Manager: This individual will ensure that all access control systems and security monitoring are functioning and working harmoniously.
  • Security Manager: The job of this staff member is to administer access privileges, visiting policies and other precautions meant to keep the school safe.
  • Facilities Manager: Your educational institution likely already has someone, or many people, whose job it is to maintain the structural health and integrity of your facilities. This person should be apprised of the security situation, as it may impact their responsibilities. For example, if there are holes in fencing or door locks don’t work properly, this affects both the facilities and security managers.
  • IT Manager: This person will help integrate any electronic security system monitoring with the school’s IT infrastructure, to make operation easier for faculty and staff.

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