Electronic Security Association Releases Guidelines for Schools

The Electronic Security Association (ESA), an organization that advocates on behalf of the security system industry, has released a set of security guidelines for school  to provide schools with a better idea of how they can protect students in light of recent tragedies such as the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The guidelines are meant to give administrators, school boards and teachers a better idea of how electronic security will enable them to keep campuses safe from intruders while maintaining a positive, welcoming environment for faculty and attendees.

The information provided is geared toward primary schools, but the writers of the report state that it could also be useful for similar institutions such as churches, private schools and higher education.

The ESA recommends that schools perform an annual audit of every security measure, not just electronic systems. This includes screening visitors, keeping track of equipment and supplies and disciplinary measures for disruptive or troubled students. The organization also advises that such an audit be conducted during the school year when faculty and students are present, when it is much easier to assess the effectiveness of these measures.

The report recommends that administrators develop documentation thoroughly detailing the school’s safety and security plan, which should include the following components:

  • Fire escape routes
  • Floor plans {just reordered for alphabetical list}

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