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Why Businesses Need Atlanta Access Control Systems

When it comes to keeping your business and your employees safe, a reliable and trustworthy security system should be the first thing that enters your mind. While a standard alarm system is effective as an all-round solution, savvy business owners in Atlanta are looking to access control systems from American Alarm. We provide a higher […]

Getting the Best Atlanta Alarm Monitoring

The incidences of break-ins, home invasions, and attempted robberies are on the rise. In today’s world it is fast becoming more of a necessity, and less of a luxury, to have Atlanta alarm monitoring. More and more people are concerned with the safety of their families and protecting their belongings, both from fire and from […]

Atlanta Home Security Systems: Why They Are A Good Idea

Burglaries went up as much as 25% in some areas after the recession. With jobs hard to find, people turned to any means available to survive, and Atlanta home security systems started looking like an ever-better investment. They still are. Home security systems are one of the best ways to protect your house and your family […]

Top Trends in Commercial Security Systems

Like almost everything these days, commercial security systems have advanced at a feverish pace over the past few years. If your commercial alarm monitoring system was installed more than 3 or 4 years ago, it may be worth having a company like American Alarm of Atlanta show you all of the new technologies that can […]

Why You Should Always Use Wireless Alarm Monitoring in Alpharetta

Let’s face it; criminals are getting increasingly brazen in the Atlanta area.  Because of this it is important to always stay one step ahead of the criminals.  One way that you can do this is with a wireless alarm monitoring system.  Wireless monitoring offers a variety of advantages that traditional wired alarm systems simply cannot […]

Benefits of Home Security Systems for Atlanta Residents

There are many options for homeowners when it comes to home security systems. For affordable alarm monitoring Atlanta homeowners have an experienced provider on their side. The company will continuously keep track of security. Customers also get control panels, touch pads, door contacts, motion detectors, and alarms at no cost. The Home Security Systems Atlanta […]

Protect Your Business with Security Monitoring and Access Control

Effective security monitoring and access control systems are the most important assets for protecting your property and employees. A sound monitoring system will detect any problems before a criminal can do damage. Cellular connectivity is another benefit. Any issues can be identified at a central monitoring station and relayed to a personal device, so you’ll […]