Why You Should Always Use Wireless Alarm Monitoring in Alpharetta

wireless alarm system alpharettaLet’s face it; criminals are getting increasingly brazen in the Atlanta area.  Because of this it is important to always stay one step ahead of the criminals.  One way that you can do this is with a wireless alarm monitoring system.  Wireless monitoring offers a variety of advantages that traditional wired alarm systems simply cannot provide.  Below we will discuss some of these advantages and how they can benefit you and your family.

If Crooks Cut Your Phone Line You Still Have Alarm Monitoring

One of the cornerstones of wireless alarm monitoring is that even if a criminal were to cut your phone line, your home monitoring system would still work with no issue at all.  American Alarm allows wireless monitoring where your alarm connects to our monitoring center through cell tower communication as opposed to traditional phone lines.  You can use this feature as either your primary monitoring option or a backup.  In either case, you are protected no matter what a criminal tries to do to your home phone.

Saves You Money

Traditional phone lines have become increasingly expensive.  It is not unusual to be paying 50-60 dollars each month just for a simple home phone.  Many Atlanta residents were under the impression that they had to keep this expensive phone line just so that they could have alarm monitoring in Alpharetta.  This is actually not the case at all.  At American Alarm, our systems work completely fine even without a landline.  With our wireless monitoring service, customers can have all of the same benefits of alarm monitoring with a landline and not have to pay for the huge monthly costs.

How Much Does Wireless Home Monitoring Alpharetta Cost?

Many large alarm monitoring companies charge astronomical rates for wireless monitoring.  This is not the case with American Wireless alarm monitoring Atlanta
Alarm.  Our wireless security system alarm monitoring packages are $12 per month with no equipment charges or only $7 per month if you purchase the cellular communicator, which usually runs around $155 plus tax.  As you can see, at these low monthly monitoring prices, you can easily cancel your landline and save significant money each month.   With American Alarm you no longer have to be tied to the large phone companies or the large alarm monitoring companies that both charge you incredibly high monthly rates for very little in return.

Go With Alpharetta’s Leader in Alarm Monitoring – American Alarm

If you are tired of dealing with the long-term contracts with incredibly high monthly fees of most alarm companies, give American Alarm a call today.  With monitoring rates starting at only $18.95, you can feel safe in your home or office while not paying nearly as much in monitoring fees each month.  We offer a state of the art monitoring center and highly trained employees to install and troubleshoot any issues that you may have with your alarm system.  Give us a call today at 770-645-0061 and let us show you how we can save you significant money each month.