Benefits of Choosing an Alarm Monitoring Company Based in Alpharetta GA

burglary AlpharettaIf you watch TV for more than 30 minutes these days, you are bound to see a commercial for one of the large alarm monitoring companies.  These ads typically feature scary paid actors breaking into homes with alarm systems.  While these ads may be catchy, they do not bring to light some of the reasons why it’s actually much better to use a company offering alarm monitoring in Alpharetta as opposed to a huge nationwide company.  Below are a few reasons why so many choose the best alarm monitoring company in Alpharetta.

Service with Alarm Monitoring Alpharetta

When choosing an alarm monitoring provider like American Alarm you don’t have to worry about being just a customer number of a huge company.  American Alarm strives to meet the needs of each and every one of our customers and is always focused on providing the best service at affordable rates.  Keeping a customer is as important to us as getting a new customer.  Our customers stay customers much longer than the industry average and usually transfer their service to their new house or business when moving.  We grow primarily through referrals from out existing customers. When choosing a security system monitoring company one thing to ask yourself is if the company you are choosing really values you as a customer or if you are just another number that month. Most large security system companies focus so much on advertising and getting new customers that they can’t focus on solving a problem with an existing customer. The first problem that arises the large security system companies will send a technician out and invoice heavily.  If that doesn’t solve the problem they will continue to invoice heavily for every service call until they finally fix the problem or you move on to a company.  Some employees have heard customers say they were encouraged to move on by the invoices they received from a large company because the company could’t or did not want to put forth the resources to fix the problem. Statistics show to them that it is more profitable to gain a new customer than take on a troublesome account and fix the problem.  American Alarm has found that if you can solve a problem for customer’s, they stay loyal for a long time and refer other customers to you.

Low Pressure Sales Tactics

Smaller companies like American Alarm based in the Alpharetta GA do not use the shady sales tactics to drum up business, which are often used by the larger alarm monitoring outfits.  Companies like American Alarm often rely on word of mouth to generate most of their business.  These local companies will also not try to sell you equipment or service packages that you do not need.  With large companies you often have aggressive sales people who are entirely focusing on meeting their quotas by selling products and services that are not necessary for many homeowners and even business owners. One tactic to be wary of is the “bate and switch”.  Some large companies train and expect their technicians to “upsell” the customer once they get to the house.  The sales person will sell the customer on a “basic system” only to have the technician come out on the day of the installation and start telling the customer that he or she needs another motion detector, glass break detectors, window contacts and more.  Many times these “add-ons” will total over a thousand or even thousands of dollars. The customer is a lot more susceptible to these “upsale” tactics on the day of installation coming from technician because his or her guard is down thinking the negotiating is already over. When taking over the monitoring on an existing system, American Alarm employees have heard many customers state that he or she paid the other company a lot more than he or she intended to because of this tactic. So, go with an honest, ethical security system company when choosing a security system company. Call American Alarm.

Community Minded

American Alarm is a community minded small business that has been operating in the Atlanta metro area for the past 15 years.  We work with a variety of civic organizations in the area to give back to the community and we are also active members of the Better Business Bureau where we are proud of our A+ rating. American Alarm donates and participates in many different charities from local athletics and school donations to many professional and christian charities.

Dedicated and Experienced Employees At American Alarm, we have an intensive training program that all of our new employees must complete prior to working out in the field in any of our customers homes or offices.  We also do extensive background checks on our employees to ensure that we are hiring the best of the best in the alarm monitoring industry.  This attention to detail has allowed us to recruit and retain many of our employees for 5 years or more.  This experience has proven invaluable time and time again when our employees are out in the field working with our clients. Over the last 20 years, American Alarm has employed and retained many capable, honest, and professional employee.  When we have a good employee we do everything possible to keep him or her.

Lower Prices At American Alarm our standard alarm monitoring Alpharetta package costs only $18.95 for a limited time only.  This is almost half the cost of many of our competitors.  Even though you pay less with American Alarm, you are still receiving the same exact service, if not better than what you would get from the larger companies.  Unlike the larger companies, American Alarm has low price service can additional equipment price.  This is an area where a lot of companies really charge a lot to make up the margin on the “loss leader”, low up front cost to acquire a customer. American Alarm charges a modest $69 for a service call for existing monitored residential customers.

Ready to Give American Alarm a Try? If you are ready to give American Alarm a try give us a call today at 770-645-0061 to setup a free, no-obligation consultation.  We would be happy to come out to your home or office and determine what you need to keep you and your family safe.  We look forward to building a long-term business relationship with you. home security systems atlanta