Atlanta Home Security Systems: Why They Are A Good Idea

home alarm monitoring in atlantaBurglaries went up as much as 25% in some areas after the recession. With jobs hard to find, people turned to any means available to survive, and Atlanta home security systems started looking like an ever-better investment. They still are. Home security systems are one of the best ways to protect your house and your family both while you’re in the home and away from it. The reason for this is simple enough: alarm systems alert you and the police of an intruder, while scaring them away at the same time.

How Burglars Get In

Most burglars enter through the front door. Not only are a surprising number of doors left unlocked, but even deadbolt locks are easier to smash open than you might think. They also commonly use a key, believe it or not — that is, your key. If a thief steals your purse or picks your pocket, he may use your house key to pay you a visit later.

What Burglars Steal

The top target for any burglar is cold, hard cash. Purses, wallets, and private cash stashes are rarely safe once a burglar is in the house. The next item of choice are electronics that can be resold easily: TVs, DVD players, cameras, MP3 players, stereos, etc. Your jewelry is next in line, followed by your computer and accessories.

Financial Benefits of an Alarm System

In Atlanta, home security doesn’t just come with peace of mind. Letting your insurance know that you have an alarm system can save you 5-20% on your insurance, depending on the insurance company. Atlanta security systems with monitoring tend to be at the high end of this range, especially if they also include fire monitoring — with these systems you can expect to save around 15-20%. It’s also possible to get a free alarm system with monitoring to minimize out of pocket expenses.

How Home Security Systems Work

When the alarm system goes off — whether due to a fire or a burglary — the monitoring service will be notified. They will attempt to contact you to check and see if it is not a false alarm. If they conclude there’s a problem, the monitoring company will notify the police or fire department.

For this to work, of course, your house needs to be wired for an alarm system. The alarm can only detect a burglary if it is connected to all your doors, windows, and places where a burglar might enter the home. Many alarm systems also use motion sensors inside the home to spot a burglar who might have slipped past the other sensors.

Traditional alarm systems require running wires around the house, which in turn requires professional installation. Nowadays alarm systems are available with wireless technology, which are cheaper to install.

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