3 Tips for Enhancing the Security of Your Apartment Building

As one of the leading Atlanta alarm companies, we cannot stress enough the importance of a landlord ensuring the safety of tenants. Although the apartment space itself is difficult to control, the common areas and outdoor facilities of a complex should remain well-protected so that renters feel safe and secure when they’re at home, as well as confident that their property will remain undisturbed when they’re gone.

The Crime Doctor, a home and apartment security consultant, has some tips that will help any concerned landlord fortify their building against unwelcome intrusions and robbery:

  • Designate parking spaces for specific tenants: Marking a space for a specific car, using a parking badge and labeling the space itself, can help you and any employees figure out if an unfamiliar vehicle belongs to a tenant or an unauthorized entrant.
  • Have overnight parking for guests: Collect the vehicle information for any guests who will be staying overnight with a tenant, so as to ensure that a car you don’t recognize doesn’t belong to a suspicious individual.
  • Keep photos of tenants with lease: If you manage a property with dozens or even hundreds of occupants, it can be difficult to keep track of who is actually a tenant and who is not when monitoring your complex. Keeping a picture of each tenant with their lease file gives you a way to check a person’s identification if they’ve been locked out of a unit or the facility.

One apartment security solution to consider is an access control system, which can make it much easier to manage access permissions for both tenants and employees. Call us at (770) 645-0061 for more information.