Access Control Systems for Apartment Buildings Keep your Tenants Safe

When you’re managing an apartment complex with dozens or even hundreds of residents, creating a safe, welcoming environment can be a challenge. This is made more difficult when you’re trying to balance it with thorough security measures. You don’t want an atmosphere that will dissuade people from wanting to live in your facility.

However, you do need to provide some level of protection against unauthorized intruders and robbers. A well-maintained access control service from an Atlanta alarm company can help provide exactly that. Such systems integrate seamlessly into your current security setup and make it easier to regulate entry into the premises.

When new tenants sign a lease, you can grant them a key card. This card cannot be duplicated and it is controlled by a central computer system. You can determine which key cards gain access to certain areas, without having to manage a stock of keys. This makes it easy to grant tenants access to common areas. You can also provide maintenance staff with the ability to get into storage areas and offices.

Installing one of these systems in your facility will also give it the look of a well-run, expertly managed property. Tenants can rest assured they’ll be well taken care of. It sends a message that you care about their safety and want them and their family to have a positive living experience in their new apartment. If you’re interested in finding out how electronic access control systems will make your apartment complex safer, contact American Alarm at (770) 645-0061 for more information.