Training Employees to Deal with Armed Robbery

One situation that virtually every small business owner fears is armed robbery. The best thing any company can do is to consult with an Atlanta alarm company to have access control systems and alarm monitoring installed, but in the event that an armed intruder enters your facility, employees should be trained on how to deal with the situation so that no one is hurt before the authorities arrive and take control.

Here are some tips for how your workers should handle the situation:

  • Follow the instructions of the robber: Whether they ask for money from the register or customers’ wallets, it is best to follow the burglar’s demands. Refusal to do so may make them angry and violent.
  • Let them know of any surprises (other than a silent alarm): If you’re expecting someone to return to the premises soon, let the intruder know what will happen.
  • Only activate an alarm when safe: If alerting the authorities to the intrusion can’t be done without drawing the robber’s attention, wait until they leave to do so. Ensuring the safety of employees and customers is more important than catching the criminal in the act.
  • Don’t pursue the robber once they’ve left: It’s best to leave this to the police. After all, they’re still armed and dangerous.

Additionally, ensure that all employees know how to activate any commercial security systems you have in place that will alert first responders. If you don’t have such a system, we recommend contacting an Atlanta alarm monitoring company for more information on how your business can benefit from these services. Call American Alarm at (770) 645-0061 for more information.