Police Seek Two Persons of Interest in Deadly Atlanta Shooting

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Atlanta police are seeking two suspects in connection with a shooting in Northwest Atlanta that left one man dead. Jerrick Jackson was shot multiple times in the torso after his home on Lowe Street was invaded by two robbers.

Jackson and his fiancee were returning home from a fast food restaurant when several men got out of a car parked in front of their house. Police say Jackson may have been targeted because of the Porsche SUV he was driving.

After robbing them outside the home, the victims were forced inside, at which point Jackson attempted to fight with the gunmen and was shot.

Atlanta police Officer John Chafee told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that investigators are seeking two men who go by the nicknames “Tre-Tre” and “Big Poppa”. They’re described as young males aged 16 and 20, respectively.

Jackson was the younger brother of notable Rev. Wiley Jackson of the megachurch Gospel Tabernacle Church. As such, religious organizations in the community have banded together to offer a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the capture of the two suspects. Police are urging anyone with information to contact investigators at (404) 546-4235.

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