Tips for Ensuring Your College Student’s Safety

May and June are a special time of year, when teenagers graduate from high school and prepare themselves for their first year of university learning. This is an exciting time for families in Atlanta, but it’s also a nerve-wrecking experience for the parents of students who will be moving away to attend a university in another state.

There are a few things we suggest you consider and discuss with family members who belong to the class of 2013.

  • It’s especially important that new students quickly learn the layout of the campus and the location of emergency services. Most colleges have call boxes distributed throughout the premises which give anyone who perceives a threat to their well-being a quick way of contacting first responders. Ask a school official what these call boxes look like and where they are located.
  • Students should look out for each other. If you have friends on campus, make sure they know where you are and keep track of them as well.
  • The prevalence of social media on campus makes it easy for students to share too much information with people they may not know very well. Keep in mind that sites like Facebook and Twitter have privacy controls that users should take advantage of, so as to prevent things like break-ins and robberies when students are out and about on campus.
  • Undergraduates should let family members know about their daily routine and class schedule.

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