Police Seek Two Persons of Interest in Deadly Atlanta Shooting

As one of the top Atlanta alarm companies, we cannot stress enough the importance of having a residential burglar alarm system installed in your home in order to prevent home invasion.

Stay Safe while Traveling this Summer

Many Atlanta residents are planning vacations for the approaching summer, a great time for traveling given that the kids are out of school and the weather in most places is agreeable.

Protecting Your Computer from Theft

As one of the top Atlanta alarm companies, we try to keep tabs on the habits of burglars and robbers, and in recent years, as mobile computing has become more common, there has been a corresponding uptick in the number of thefts in this kind of equipment.

Disaster Kit will Come in Handy in Case of Emergency

Unfortunately, you can never predict when a disaster like a home fire might happen to your family, especially given the number of things that can cause these catastrophes, from electrical problems and appliance malfunctions to lightning and gas leaks.