Stay Safe while Traveling this Summer

Many Atlanta residents are planning vacations for the approaching summer, a great time for traveling given that the kids are out of school and the weather in most places is agreeable. But, just as we encourage you to consider investing in an Atlanta security system monitoring service to ensure the safety of your family and property while you’re in town, we also advise you take some basic safety precautions while you’re on the road, particularly if you’ll be traveling abroad.

Norm Schreiver, an author and frequent traveler, has a few useful tips at the Huffington Post which we believe are worth considering:

  • Always be mindful of robbers trying to create distractions in order to steal from you when you’re not expecting it. If someone approaches you aggressively and seems unwilling to let you pass without being bothered, you may have been targeted for theft. The State Department recommends alerting a nearby policeman if this occurs.
  • Make copies of your passport, medical ID card, credit card and an itinerary of your trip, and keep one of those copies with a friend stateside. Keep the other one with you while you’re away in addition to the original documents. This way, if something does happen and your friend needs to contact the State Department, they’ll have all your information readily available.
  • Try to avoid wearing fancy jewelry and clothing, particularly if you’re in a country with a lot of poverty, to avoid attracting attention from thieves and pickpockets.

On the home front, it’s a good idea to make sure your property is protected against invasion and theft while you’re away by consulting with an Atlanta alarm company about home security solutions.