Protect Your Vacation Property When You’re Not There

Summer is here, which means vacation properties are going to be in heavy use over the next few months. Whether you own a second home and plan to spend some time there during this season, or if you intend to rent it out to others, something to keep in mind is that these properties spend the majority of the year vacant, which makes them attractive to burglars.

If you’re the owner of a vacation home, there are a few things you should do to secure your property against intruders:

  • Hire a professional property management company: Because you can’t always be there to check on your second home, a well-run property management company is essential to ensure that the house or condo remains undisturbed and in good condition when it is not being used. These companies will usually come and clean the house after every rental, checking that nothing is missing or broken after guests have departed.
  • Get to know the neighbors: If your property is located in a neighborhood or complex with permanent residents, get to know them and ask them if they can keep an eye out for any suspicious individuals who might be preying on vacant homes. If you belong to a homeowners association, maintain an active role and attend any meetings so that people know who you are. A little goodwill can go a long way.

Lastly, if your home is located in the Atlanta area, it’s best to consult with an Atlanta alarm company to find out what home security options are available to you. Contact American Alarm at (770) 645-0061 for more information.