Church Security will Keep Your House of Worship Safe

Churches provide a communal center where members of a neighborhood or community can gather to provide support during tough times, celebrate the growth of families and perform charitable works. But there are security risks that churches must face just like any other institution.

There are ways to confront these issues without alienating members. You can make your house of worship safe without creating barriers for those who need to be there. Here are some tips for achieving that from

  • If your congregation cannot afford a security guard, inquire within the community about any retired or off-duty police officers who would be willing to donate their time to monitor the premises during Sunday services and other times when a lot of people are present in the building.
  • Install floodlights around the premises, particularly in areas that are not illuminated by streetlights. Robbers will be discouraged knowing they can be seen easily by people in the neighborhood.
  • Plant thorny bushes around the perimeter of worship facilities where there may be vulnerable access points, such as ways of climbing walls onto the roof.
  • Surveillance systems, especially those with closed circuit television, can monitor your facility when it is unoccupied and signal law enforcement officials to the presence of unwelcome intruders.

A great solution for churches are keyless access control systems, which allow administrators to distribute and monitor access to the building in a way that is secure but not intrusive, ensuring that members of the community still have a good experience without feeling alienated by over-the-top security measures. Find out more by contacting American Alarm, the leading Atlanta alarm company, at (770) 645-0061.