Chicago Blaze Highlights Importance of Fire Alarm Systems

Just one hour after firefighters arrived at the apartment complex, the Chicago Fire Department commanded all people inside to evacuate due to the presence of unstable floors, revealed Fire Media Affairs.

Don’t Jeopardize Your Employees’ Safety – Have an Access Control System Installed

Make sure that the doorman asks for a form of identification and tell them to report any suspicious activity to you. 

Atlanta Robbery Suspect Still on the Loose

Back in March, a female named Allison Parker told news station WSB-TV that the robber came out from out of the shadows in her condominium complex’s garage with a brick in one hand.

Be Practical and Don’t Forget About Purchasing a Fire Alarm when Decorating Your Home

Whatever type of residence you and your family inhabit, you’ll certainly want to use your personal taste and style to dress it up or give it makeover.

Sandy Hook Tragedy Highlights the Need for Increased Security at Schools

Although no words can even begin to describe the horror that the victims went through, this event does highlight the importance of doing everything possible to increase safety in places where large numbers of people are congregated.

Men and Women Who Work Alone may have Their Safety Compromised

Knowing that these are the types of employees who may be faced with potential dangers on a daily basis is only half of the battle in keeping them out of harm’s way.

Good Neighbors Foil Television Robbery in East Atlanta

On December 11, East Patch Atlanta reported that four men broke into a Stokeswood Avenue home in an attempted robbery that was foiled in part by the efforts of good neighbors.