House Fire Reportedly Caused by Homeowner’s Son

An Atlanta family is recovering after their home was reportedly set afire by their son early in the morning on July 2.

Helping Children Deal with Thunderstorms

For small children, coping with thunderstorms can be a frightening experience. While some kids find such storms exciting and interesting, many others are scared by the loud noises, bright flashes and stories of people hit by lightning.

Recent SStorms Highlight the Need for Fire Protection System Vigilance

Storms have been rolling through the state of Georgia over the last few days, and the presence of lightning and downed power lines have served as a reminder that Atlanta residents must be vigilant about preventing and controlling fires.

Suspect Arrested for Arson of Involving Former MLB Player’s Home

Protecting your home from arson is a difficult task, but one way to ensure the security of your family and property is to consult with an Atlanta alarm company about the fire alarm monitoring options available to you.

Fire at Auto Repair Shop Near Downtown Atlanta

As the summer approaches, it’s imperative that property owners get in touch with an Atlanta alarm company.

Protect Your Family During Tornado Season

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’re probably aware that massive tornados have touched down in the Oklahoma City area, resulting in dozens of lives lost and likely hundreds of millions in damage. Atlanta is no stranger to tornados either.

Two Killed in House Fire Near Augusta, Georgia

Possibly the worst thing that can happen to the home of any Georgia resident is a fire that destroys the property and endangers the lives of its occupants.

Formulating an Emergency Escape Plan

One of the best ways to ensure the safety of you and your family in the event of a fire is to create an escape plan.