Thunderstorm Forecasts Reinforce the Need for Fire Alarm System

Atlanta has been experiencing some major thunderstorms over the past week, and it looks as though this trend will continue for several more days. This has many residents worried about the consequences of not having fire alarm monitoring, as lightning can cause drybrush to ignite and threaten homes, while wind can knock over power lines, creating another hazard from sparks in addition to causing a loss of power.

Karen Minton, the meteorologist for local affiliate Channel 2, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that there was a 40 percent chance for severe thunderstorms on Friday night and a 60 percent chance on Saturday.

It was also reported that lightning strikes had sparked three fires in the metro Atlanta area, including one at a retirement home in Union City. No injuries were reported. Another fire occurred in Cherokee County, where a residential home was engulfed in flames.

In addition, in Rockdale County, residents stated that downed power lines and trees had caused significant damage to many homes in the area.

“It was something else,” Debbie Gayler, a Rockdale resident whose Milstead Avenue home was damaged, told the source. “I couldn’t believe the wind was blowing so hard.”

These incidents underscore the point that residents should contact an Atlanta alarm company to have a fire alarm system installed on their property. Such a system can alert occupants to the presence of smoke and flames, and signal to first responders that there is an emergency. For more information on how these systems can help protect your loved ones, contact American Alarm at (770) 645-0061.