Prevent Your Home from Catching on Fire by Following This Advice

These days, the weather patterns around the United States are unpredictable. Blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes are volatile storms that have little in common except for the fact that they can cause mass destruction and result in power outages. Because of this, families everywhere have turned to generators to provide their homes with electricity when the rest of the neighborhood is in the dark. But, despite how useful these appliances can be, they can also prove to be dangerous. Each year, thousands of residences catch on fire thanks to generators.

You can prevent this from happening by following the advice below:

1) Read the manual

Sure, this may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many individuals don’t heed this advice. Each appliance is different, so the way your neighbor’s machine functions may not be the same for the generator you bought. Taking some time to browse the user’s manual will help you become accustomed with the various functions could save the lives of you and your family.

2) Do not get your generator wet

Your generator must always remain dry. If any of the circuits within this machine get wet, the chances of a blaze starting are quite high. Generators that are outside should always be put under some sort of covering or shelter.

3) Unplug your generator when refueling

Your appliance must always be unplugged and turned off when refueling it. It’s a fire hazard if you don’t, as any gas that comes into contact with the wires could cause a fire that would likely destroy your home in a matter of minutes.

4) Remember to install a fire alarm

Every home should have a fire alarm regardless of whether you own a generator. However, it is especially critical to follow this tip if you do own this appliance. In the event smoke is detected, your fire alarm system will alert your loved ones to any danger.