House Fire Reportedly Caused by Homeowner’s Son

An Atlanta family is recovering after their home was reportedly set afire by their son early in the morning on July 2. Law enforcement officials are now searching for the man, Brendan Middleton, who is believed to have committed arson on his parent’s property after a fight with his father.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a local news source, reports that the incident took place on the 1800 block of Greystone Road in northwest Atlanta. Middleton reportedly got in an argument with his parents and left the home, only to return around 3 a.m., kick the door down and start a blaze in the couples’ kitchen using an accelerent. He then fled the scene.

“What made him come back and kick the door in and start the fire, that’s still open and that’s some of the things we expect to come out in the investigation,” Atlanta police overnight watch commander Capt. Tim Peek told local affiliate CBS Atlanta.

Police investigators said the home was very badly damaged by the fire. They are still working to determine what was used to start the flames, which destroyed nearly 50 percent of the interior of the home.

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